Copying the emWave installer to a USB Drive

The first step is to Download the emWave2 installer to your computer.

To do that, go to and download the emWave installer for your operating system. We currently have installers for Windows and Apple OSX operating systems.

You will see 2 buttons, emWave2 and further down the page emWave Pro, click on the one you need.

** If you are downloading emWave Pro you will need your registration number for the download, the emWave2 software does not have a registration number.

Once the download is complete, go into your Downloads folder and copy the installer file to your USB drive.

You can then insert the USB drive a computer and start the emWave installer on it, you don’t need to copy it to the computer first. If you are installing emWave Pro, you will need your registration number.

HeartMath allows up to 4 installations of emWave Pro at a time, there is no limit on the emWave2 software.

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