C++ 2013 Redistributable Patch

Sometimes there can be compatibility issues with programs. emWave uses Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable as part of it's graphical display structure.
After an update with Win10 and upon opening emWave Pro, it may check for an update.
If you haven't updated the emWave program, it will do so at that time.

If you are updating an existing installation or installing emWave for the first time it may return an error condition 0xc000007b and ask to close the application.
However upon rebooting the system and re-starting emWave Pro, it runs into the same error saying-Encountered an error condition 0xc000007b and asks to close the application again, you may need to install a patch from Microsoft.

The patch may be necessary if your computer is in high DPI mode. As far as we are aware, it was not delivered in any Microsoft Windows 10 Update.

You can obtain the patch here:

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