Arrhythmia/Atrial Fibrillation and the emWave

If you are someone with Arrhythmia or Atrial Fibrillation – among other heart related issues – and are wondering if you can still successfully use the emWave product line, here is information that details where the HeartMath techniques did help people to live with their arrhythmia/a-fib. more productively and easily.

The algorithm used for calculating the coherence, does not work well for a-fib when using the em-Wave, and users often get artifacts. If a Beta Blocker is controlling arrhythmia’s, then you shouldn’t see the red spikes or a low recording with the emWave technology. It can, depending on the dosage, affect the achievement score and the coherence ratios because some are strong enough to create less heart rate  variability. Then others create a false, higher heart rate variability because they lower the heart rate a lot.

However, even with medication, the HeartMath techniques can help to reduce the medication and improve the condition. For the average person, as long as you are not experiencing too many arrhythmia’s then you can be on those drugs and just look for changes, such as your original baseline, over time like everyone else. 

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