Managing the Data Transfer from Freeze-Framer 1X to Freeze-Framer 2X

When you first start the Freeze-Framer 2.0 program, the program will transfer the data file containing users and session information from the Freeze-Framer 1.0 program for use by the Freeze-Framer 2.0 program. The following dialog box will be displayed when the transfer is complete.

If you did not have the Freeze-Framer 1.0 program installed on this computer you will see the following dialog box. Click on the No button.

If you installed the Freeze-Framer 1.0 program somewhere other than the default location the installer will also display the following dialog box. In this case, see instructions at the end of this document for how to locate the Freeze-Framer 1.0 data file for transfer.

If you don’t transfer Freeze-Framer 1.0 data during installation, it’s possible to do so after the fact. See the procedure towards the end of this document.

Procedure for transferring Freeze-Framer 1.0 data when the Freeze-Framer 1.0 program was installed somewhere besides the default location: If Freeze-Framer 1.0 was installed somewhere besides C:Program FilesPlanetaryFreeze-Framer the installer will display the following dialog box. If you click on “Yes”, the installer will ask you to locate the folder containing the Freeze-Framer 1.0 program. Use the “Browse” button to navigate to the folder containing the Freeze-Framer 1.0 program. Click on the ff.mdb file name in the big box. Click on the Start Transfer button to begin the conversion.

When the conversion is complete the installer will display a window. How to transfer Freeze-Framer 1.0 data files after installation. If you didn’t transfer your Freeze-Framer 1.0 data file (FF.MDB) during the installation or you have other data files that you would like to transfer to the Freeze-Framer 2.0 format run the CopyDB.exe program that’s installed in the Freeze-Framer 2.0 support folder (C:Program FilesHeartMathFreeze-Framer 2.0Support) by default.

You will need to rename or delete the existing FF2.MDB file in your Data Folder before transferring an existing ff.mdb file to the Freeze-Framer 2.0 folder. The program displays a dialog box. Use the upper Browse button to navigate to the existing ff.mdb file probably in C:Program FilesPlanetaryFreeze-Framer. Use the lower Browse button to navigate to where the ff.mdb file should be saved probably C:Program FilesHeartMathFreeze-Framer 2.0. Enter FF2.MDB the standard name of the Freeze-Framer data file in the File Name box. Click on the Open button.

If you just want to transfer the data file to the 2.0 format and not replace the existing 2.0 data file, give the new data file a different name e.g. ffextra.mdb. Click on the Start Transfer button. You should see this dialog box. Click on the OK button. If you see this dialog box a data file with the file name you entered already exists. Rename the session data file in the Freeze-Framer program and then click the Start Transfer button again.

Please note that the Freeze Framer program is discontinued and is no longer supported by HeartMath Technical Support.

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