All of the lights on my emWave PSR keep cycling through different patterns.


 The early versions of the emWave PSR have a “Maintenance” mode where all of the lights cycle through a test pattern. Only models with a “red” thumb sensor button can be affected by this mode.

This mode can be inadvertently accessed by pressing too firmly or for too long in the center of the Sensor Button. To change out of this mode and return to the normal settings make a short press (2 seconds) on the bottom of the Sensor Button until the unit turns off. Restart the unit as usual.

Remember that the Sensor Button is used to cycle through the different settings of the emWave PSR. To correctly use this button for your personal settings click either the top of the button or the bottom portion of the button as directed in the Owner’s Manual.

(This was merely a testing mode and in no way is considered a defect.) 

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